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Over 30 Years Serving You Cheese

About Cheese Hub - A Little History

1987 - Ray looking proud as he launches his first shop in Goodge Street

So, what about Cheese Hub? It all started in 1987 when Ray decided there must be more to life than being a consultant in the city. Being your own man, selling a product as interesting and traditional as cheese and chatting to customers all day long seemed seemed like a jolly good idea.

The first two sites for ‘International Cheese’ were found in Goodge Street and Strutton Ground in Westminster. From 1991 onwards Ray focused on London’s increasingly shopping-friendly train stations, a risky step (and ‘hair brained scheme’ according to one journalist) but hugely successful with commuters – appreciating a freshly made sandwich made with real cheese as much as the chance to buy a bottle of Bolli on the way home.

The ‘International’ in International Cheese made sense in regards to the consistently wide cheese range, as well as the staff members serving it. ‘I have employed people from every continent and corner of this world over the years, which has kept things very interesting for everyone involved’.


After opening in Liverpool Street Station in 1991, Victoria Station Marylebone Station and City Thameslink near St Paul’s were to follow in 1994/1999 and 2003 respectively. Victoria Station had to sadly close its doors after 26 years during lockdown – leaving Liverpool Street as the only physical location and ‘last man standing’. But not quite as there is CHEESEHUB of course, the online shop launched in 2012.

Selling cheese UK-wide and online is a whole different adventure altogether, bringing about its own challenges and wonderful moments.

Ultimately this lovely sense of providing something that is either needed or cheering someone up is still a real satisfaction and motivation after all these years.

About Cheese Hub Services… Have a little browse. Check out our ‘thank you’ or ‘happy birthday’ cheese gift boxes, our ‘incredibly irish cheese’ or ‘rather english cheese’ fresh gift cheese hampers.



Ray, still talking cheese in action today

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