Our shop at Liverpool St Station is temporarily closed until early May due to station building work (our Victoria shop will not re-open)
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About us

International Cheese

International Cheese is one of the last remaining family run businesses in Central London, and holding it’s own in an era dominated by big chains and interchangeable mega stores.

What seemed – according to one journalist – like a ‘hair brained scheme’ back in the eighties, has proven a huge hit with customers (and confirmed what we suspected all along): train stations and cheese are a perfect match.

The Liverpool Street Station shop opened in 1991 with the Victoria and Marylebone Station branches following in 1994 and 1999 respectively. Today International Cheese operates UK wide as it is online at last! since 2012 – a far cry from its’ early days!

Whilst still being every inch the front man, Ray agrees that ultimately it is all down to the team.

A Little History

Ray used to work as a management consultant in the city for years before starting International Cheese.

Astounded by the absence of any ‘nice shops’ in the city (and tired of being an employee), he decided to embark on a big adventure and become his own man as well as a cheese mongor. 27 years later he is still smiling!

…those were the days. Ray in his first shop in Goodge Street in 1987.

When we say ‘Just Choose Cheese’…

We also mean that you can choose things to go with cheese as an accompaniment. Choosing what to pair cheese with is as specialised as choosing your cheese itself.

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