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Ami du Chambertin


country French Cheese
Fromagerie Gaugry

*** Please note, we have limited stock of Ami du Chambertin and may replace with a very similar cheese called Plaisir au Chablis***

We all know that wine and cheese were made for each other, but Ami du Chambertin was literally made for Gevrey-Chambertin wine (and simply named ‘Friend of Chambertin’). Created by Raymond Gaugry in 1956, it is similar to Époisses with a sticky orange rind washed in Marc de Bourgnone brandy. Inside it’s a lovely semi soft mix of salt and milky flavours when young. As this cheese matures, it becomes increasingly pungeant and strong flavoured.

What with? If you don’t have a bottle of Chambertin to hand, a medium bodied Burgundy like our Mâcon Villages Rouge will do nicely. Keep the chutney mild (Sweet Apple or Mango) and the crackers neutral as this cheese should be centre stage!

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