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Baby Stilton


country English Cheese
Cropwell Bishop Dairy

If Father Christmas gives you one of these, you must have been very good indeed. Rich, creamy, earthy and spicy, this baby Stilton is made by traditional methods by Cropwell Bishop, a family run dairy that’s dedicated to making the finest quality cheese and has a whole string of awards to prove it.

Baby Stiltons come wrapped in a ribbon and make terrific gifts. Take one when you’re visiting over Christmas and you’re certain to be invited back next year. When you open it, cut the top off and use it as a lid. This will help to keep your yummy little stilton nice and moist.

What with? Port, friends and Christmas carols. And some Fig Crackers. If there are any leftovers (unlikely, but you never know) Stilton is brilliant crumbled into broccoli soup or stirred into a creamy pasta sauce.

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