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A mountain cheese from the Haute Savoie, Beaufort is a firm cheese with a creamy taste and a touch of fruit and caramel, when young. The huge wheels (over 36kg) have a concave edge which is said to come from the ropes used to tie it to donkeys on its way down from the mountain peaks. Today it’s due to the shape of the mould Beaufort is made in. Strict AOC regulations mean it must be made from unpasteurised milk from a single herd of mountain cows, the Tarantaise cows. During the summer they are grazing on high up pastures
beyond the tree line.

What with? Beaufort goes brilliantly with smoked salmon. It’s also very good with a fruity or Walnut Chutney and crackers especially if you have a glass of Chablis to hand. Excellent with Champagne. In Savoie Beaufort is traditionally used for fondues.

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