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Black Crowdie


country Scottish Cheese
Highland Fine Cheeses

Black Crowdie (or Gruth Dhu) is a soft cream cheese with slightly sour, tangy milky flavour followed by a good kick of spicy pepper. It is hand rolled in pinhead oatmeal and crushed peppercorns. Made from the by products of skimming milk, it was originally considered a poor man’s cheese – quite unlike Caboc which was and is made from double cream. The modern cheese eater of course likes Crowdie for its very low fat content. It was reputedly brought to Scotland by the Vikings in the eighth century. Legend also has it that it helps prevent a whisky hangover. (Which may or may not be useful information to you).

What with? Crowdie is a nice feature on your cheeseboard and all you will need is a packet of Millers Damsels Oat Wafers and a good red wine like Chianti Riseccoli. (Unless of course you prefer to keep the Scottish theme up with a drum of Glenfiddich.)

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