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Brie de Meaux


country French Cheese

You’ve never really tasted brie until you’ve tried real Farmhouse Brie de Meaux, one of only two bries officially certified by the French government. Made with unpasteurised milk, it’s soft and creamy when mature with a and velvety rind.

Brie de Meaux is salted with dry coarse salt and ripened in cellars on straw mats where it develops its famous white mould. Mentioned by Charlemagne, it was declared the King of Cheeses at the 1814 Congress of Vienna . And the doomed Louis XVI’s last wish was for a taste of brie.

Brie and Bordeaux are a classic combination. Chateau des cedres and Chateau Leon are two reasonably priced full-bodied reds we often recommend to our customers.

What with? Always at room temperature! Brie de Meaux is one of these cheeses you simply cannot eat in small quantities (you’re welcome to try of course). Whilst there are brie recipes as long as your arm, we believe this particular brie is best eaten in it’s natural state.

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