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Brie le Maubert


country French Cheese
Lattiere des Hauts du Val de Saone

Le Maubert is a pasteurized Brie – milder and firmer than Brie de Meaux.

It’s soft and velvety on the outside, creamy and buttery on the inside and delicious all over. You’ll find Brie le Maubert is also a little kinder on your nose than its stronger cousins, with none of the typical ammonia smell of other ripe unpasteurized Farmhouse Bries. Made in Brittany and wrapped in paper with a trademark thistle, it’s a happy addition to your cheeseboard but would equally make a great lunchtime treat.

What with? Because it’s so mild, Le Maubert actually goes with red or white wine (try our Pouilly Fumee Domaine Bonnard for white). Perfect with fresh quince puree on some naughty crusty bread.

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