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country Scottish Cheese
Highland Fine Cheeses

Said to be Scotland’s oldest cheese, this very rich cheese is made from double cream and rolled in toasted oatmeal. Mild and slightly sour, it’s all buttery creaminess with a nutty chewy edge. A little of this cheese goes a long way ,which is a good thing given its 67-70% fat content.

Unlike Crowdie (which uses the by products of skimming milk) it was considered a cheese for the wealthy and was first made by Mariota de Ile, daughter of the chieftain MacDonald of the Isles in the 15th century. She was forced to flee to Ireland from where she returned with the recipe for Caboc which she passed on to her daughter. It has been passed on from mother to daughter ever since and is currently made by Susannah Stone of Tain (who is helped by her son).

What with? Whisky! Bowmore Single Malt to only name one. Any type of cracker you may fancy (Miller’s Damsel’s sourdough wafers) and some black olives – admittedly not very Scottish, but spot on with this cheese.

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