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country German Cheese
Kaeserei Champignon

Combine the soft white mold rind of a camenbert with the blue veins of a Gorgonzola and you get this understated creamy blue cheese from Bavaria, often described as ‘Blue Brie’. It was first invented in 1900 by a small cheese company, Kaeserei Champignon, and became a big hit in the seventies. It is still produced by the same (no longer small) company and enjoyed in many different countries.

If you like blue cheese, but your taste buds shy away from strong and pungent, then this is your cheese!

What with? You can’t beat a baked Potato topped with a dollop of Cambozola. A guaranteed asset on the cheeseboard, some hot crusty bread and a glass of red is all this cheese is asking for. Beronia Crianza is a well balanced Rioja which compliments most blue cheeses.

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