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Capricorn Goats Cheese


Capricorn Goat is fresh from the Lubborn Creamery in Somerset and a firm favourite in the vegetarian cuisine. Pure white, crumbly, slightly nutty with a touch of salt, it grows creamier as it ages and develops a richer, fuller flavour.

Somerset has some of the best grazing in the country and consequently some of the happiest goats, which makes for wonderful cheese. The Lubborn Creamery draws milk from 9 dedicated farms in the valley of Cricket St Thomas and uses continental methods to make the cheese, which is aged from 7 days to 10 weeks. A mouthful of zingy freshness, Capricorn Goat is perfect on a summer’s day in a fresh herby salad.

What with? Capricorn Goat is a very versatile cheese and ideal for starters, main courses, as well as desserts (lovely with a little honey in a fruit salad). If you’re not cooking with it, go for a crisp white wine like a Pouilly Fumee and some Rosemary crackers and enjoy!

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