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country French Cheese
Fromagerie Hugerot/Lincet

Famous Chaource is a round soft cheese from the Champagne-Ardenne region and simply oozes with cream. It is richer than camenbert or brie and has a velvety white rind and very creamy salty nutty taste,that sharpens with age. Chaource ripens for 2-4 weeks and is smooth when young but turns liquid as it matures and develops a sharp after taste that contrasts wonderfully with that gorgeous velvety cream.

Chaource is named after the village Chaource where it has been made since the 14th century. It has been AOC protected since 1970. It is usually eaten as an aperitif but the locals also melt it into a mushroom fondue.Excellent baked over a fresh salad.

What with? Pink Champagne! Our Ayala Rose majeur goes ever so well with it, but so do white wines (Sancerre Domaine Bonnard for example) and lively red wines (Beronia Gran Reserva) – entirely up to you. A fruity chutney always suits like Apricot or Cheese Board Chutney.

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