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Cherrywood Smoked Cheddar


country English Cheese
Eastside Cheese Company

Cherrywood smoked cheddar hails from Gold Creek Farms in Utah. A strong, sharp white cheddar with a deep smoky richness and just a hint of whiskey.

Utah isn’t the place you’d expect to find a gold medal cheddar, but this cheesy critter is full of surprises. It’s only been in production for three years, but already has an impressive list of awards. It’s smoked over cherry instead of the more normal applewood, which gives it a more complex flavour. And the milk comes from the happiest cows in the state, who regularly feast on the grain left over from the nearby High West whiskey distillery. All in all, Cherrywood smoked cheddar is a rare pleasure and one well worth tracking down.

What with? Fantastic melted on a burger or grated over scrambled eggs. A glass of cold, cold beer is called for here too.

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