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Christmas Cheeseboard 15-20 people


Maybe you have been given the slightly daunting task of ‘sorting out the cheeseboard this Christmas’, maybe you think there is no better present than giving Christmassy cheeses or maybe you just feel grateful to the considerate cheesehub team for making it so easy this year to get the cheeseboard sorted for Christmas.

Whatever the motive, we hope you enjoy our nine seasonal favourites – they’re only one click away.

The nine cheeses you’ll find in this selection are:

    • 200g truckle of Black Bomber
    • 200g truckle of Bouncing Berry
    • 200g piece of Blue stilton
    • 200g piece of Brie de Meaux
    • 200g piece of Isle of Mull cheddar
    • 200g piece of Sage Derby
    • 200g piece of Truffle Gouda
    • 200g Vacherin Mont d”Or
    • 200g piece of Wensleydale Cranberry

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