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country Irish Cheese
Cooleeney Farmhouse Cheese

A camenbert-like creamy, buttery soft cheese with wonderfully rich grassy,mushroomy flavours. After ripening for 8-10 weeks it has a soft bloomy rind and a primrose yellow paste that turns into a intensely yellow finger licking goo as it matures.

It is made since 1986 by the Maher family, fourth generation farmers, in the Golden Vale of Tipperary, where the farm’s herd of Friesians get to eat some of the most nutritious grass in Ireland. The quality of the milk is so high that the Maher’s use raw milk to make the cheese, which means more original flavour for the award winning end product.

What with? Cooleeney at room temperature on a fruity cracker from our Toastie range and a glass of chilled Moet&Chandon – that’s a nice welcome in any language whatever the occasion. As far as wine is concerned white goes, red goes – whichever you prefer.

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