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Cornish Blue


country English Cheese
Cornish Cheese Company

A sweet mellow blue cheese with a gentle tang of spice, Cornish blue is made to be eaten young. Excitingly different from all other traditional blue cheeses in England, Cornish Blue is light and fresh with a lovely soft creamy mildness,that’s so very,very moreish.

This cheese is made entirely by hand and was first created in 2001 at Upton Farm near Bodmin Moor by Philipp and Carol Stansfield from the top quality milk of their own cows. Since then it’s won awards by the sackload and in 2010 was declared Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards.

What with? Cornish Blue goes very nicely with a good Burgundy red like Macon Villages or even a white wine and is lovely in a fresh green salad with warm baguette or crumbled over hot buttery new potatoes.

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