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Cornish Yarg


country English Cheese
Lynher Dairies

An award winning semi-hard cheese wrapped in nettles, yummy creamy lemony Cornish Yarg cheese is soft on the outside and wonderfully crumbly in the middle. The nettles add a delicate touch of mushroom to the creaminess near the rind and also create Cornish Yarg’s distinctive leafy pattern. It looks absolutely fantastic on a cheese board and you can even eat the nettles if you like. Don’t worry, they don’t sting! ( But they keep this cheese nice and moist).

Made in Cornwall at Lynher Dairies, Yarg was originally created by Allan and Jenny Gray (Yarg= Gray backwards) after a recipe dating back to the 13th century. The dairies’ herd of Friesians eat nothing but grass all year round which gives Cornish Yarg cheese its lovely fresh creaminess. They say that grass fed cows produce milk (and cheese) that’s better for you, so there’s your excuse to have another slice of Cornish Yarg cheese.

What with? A fruity chutney like Sweet apple chutney is a nice partner for Cornish Yarg on the cheese board. Don’t go too heavy wine wise – a red Burgundy like Macon Villages or a light but rounded Sauvignon Blanc goes well with this cheese.

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