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Our French Cheese collection

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Image of Mimolette


What a stunner! Also known as ‘Boule de LiIlle’, Mimolette is a chewy nutty cheese with sweet salty caramel. It was created in the 17th century in Lille as an alternative to Dutch Edam when Colbert forbade the import of foreign cheeses into France. Bright orange (coloured with annatto) it looks like a Cantaloupe melon […]

More info: Mimolette

Image of Banon Feuille

Banon Feuille

A Provençal goat’s milk cheese made from unpasteurised milk and wrapped in chestnut leaves, Banon has a mild milky taste that develops an earthy nuttiness as the cheese ages and the leaves dry. It looks so pretty it’s almost a shame to eat it until you open the leaves and dive in.

Banon Feuille
More info: Banon Feuille

Showing all 2 results

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