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country French Cheese

Crottin is a very special AOC protected cheese from the little village of Chavignol near Sancerre. Made from unpasteurised goats’ milk, this white subtle creamy cheese has a nutty flavour that gets sharper, more pungent and goaty as it ages. It’s soft when young, but the mature cheese has a denser, crumbly texture and the rind turns from white to bluish black.

Crottin de Chavignol is one of the most famous goats’ cheeses and you may find it’s quite hard to stop eating it once you’ve started. It was originally made for the grape pickers as its small size made it easy to carry to the vineyards. If only our work lunches were half as good.

What with? Crottin is very nice crumbled in a green salad, especially if you add some garlic croutons and lardons. A Sancerre is the natural choice for this cheese, but a Pouilly Fumé Domaine Bonnard would work just as well.

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