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Our Pasteurised collection

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Image of Wookey Hole Cave Aged Farmhouse Cheddar

Wookey Hole Cave Aged Farmhouse Cheddar

Ford Farm has revived the ancient practice of maturing cheese in caves, creating a wonderful strong, earthy cheddar in the process. Young cheeses are wrapped in cloth and taken deep into the nearby Wookey Hole caves, where the constant temperature and humidity provides the perfect maturing conditions. As it ages it takes on some of […]

Wookey Hole Cave Aged Farmhouse Cheddar
More info: Wookey Hole Cave Aged Farmhouse Cheddar

Image of Saint Marcellin

Saint Marcellin

A creamy cheese from the Dauphine near Lyon, St Marcellin is made from cow’s milk and is a soft cheese usually sold in terracotta pots. The best ones are orange with a lemony taste and nutty aroma and we’ve tracked these down for you. They say St Marcellin should be chewed for a long time […]

Saint Marcellin
More info: Saint Marcellin

Showing all 2 results

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