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Our Pasteurised collection

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Image of Wensleydale Cranberry

Wensleydale Cranberry

Wensleydale Cranberry is a truly inspired creation. A moist crumbly cheese scattered generously with juicy sweet and sour cranberries, it looks great and tastes even better; all fruit and cream cut with a refreshing acid tang. This is a proper Yorkshire Wensleydale handmade in Hawes in Yorkshire and deserves pride of place on your cheeseboard.

Wensleydale Cranberry
More info: Wensleydale Cranberry

Image of Camembert With Calvados Le Cados

Camembert With Calvados Le Cados

Le Cados is unpasteurized – a precious little cheese washed in Calvados and then wrapped in toasted breadcrumbs. A mild, appley, earthy delight of a cheese with a touch of sweetness and the classic camembert tang. The aroma might hit you for six at first but keep your nerve and dive in – you most […]

Camembert With Calvados Le Cados
More info: Camembert With Calvados Le Cados

Showing all 2 results

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