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Our Pasteurised collection

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Image of Old Amsterdam Gouda

Old Amsterdam Gouda

This black waxed, 12-18months old cheese has a glorious deep yellow colour and a slightly waxy, granular texture with medium sized holes. There is a hint of caramel in its pleasantly full taste. A multiple award winner and currently sold in 40 countries, it is produced by Westland a family run company in Holland.

Old Amsterdam Gouda
More info: Old Amsterdam Gouda

Image of Dorset Blue Vinny

Dorset Blue Vinny

This subtle tangy blue has a wonderfully light, melt-in-the- mouth creaminess. Once made by Dorset farmers from the skimmed milk left over from butter making , Blue Vinny was all but extinct by the 1970s. It was revived in 1980 by cheesemaker and Food Hero Mike Davies and is now solely produced at Woodbridge Farm […]

Dorset Blue Vinny
More info: Dorset Blue Vinny

Showing all 2 results

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