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Dorset Blue Vinny


country English Cheese
Woodbridge Farm

This subtle tangy blue has a wonderfully light, melt-in-the- mouth creaminess. Once made by Dorset farmers from the skimmed milk left over from butter making , Blue Vinny was all but extinct by the 1970s. It was revived in 1980 by cheesemaker and Food Hero Mike Davies and is now solely produced at Woodbridge Farm near Sturminster Newton.

Dorset Blue Vinny is made from unpasteurized hand-skimmed milk,which gives it that creamy lightness and incredible depth of flavour. Thomas Hardy’s favourite cheese,it is a wonderful cooking cheese and star of many recent recipes. Last not least the River Cottage’s ‘Leek and Dorset Blue tart.’

Due to its unusually low fat content of 15% this cheese is a firm favourite with the more waistline-conscious part of the population and always a welcome sight on the post-dinner cheeseboard.

What with? Heavenly with a nice soft red like Macon Villages and our Fig Crackers, a sliced pear, a handful of walnuts or some peppery watercress. Unless of course you decide to make a ‘Leek and Dorset Blue tart’.

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