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Emmentaler Cave aged


country Swiss Cheese

Weighing up to 100kg and measuring up to 1metre in diameter, a wheel of Emmentaler is not what we usually recommend as the base of a cheese wedding cake.

Unlike the other two of the ‘Swiss Fondue-Trio’ Appenzeller and Gruyère, Emmentaler has got sizeable airpockets in its pale yellow smooth texture. Its taste is slightly nutty and mild, which makes Emmentaler a very versatile cheese that can be used for cooking and grating, as a snack or in a sandwich and – needless to say, makes for a perfect fondue.

What with? Emmentaler is not a ‘fussy cheese’ and can be enjoyed with a white or a red wine, as well as cider or beer. Our fresh and dry Spanish white Banda Dorada suits this cheese down to a T.

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