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Farmhouse Red Leicester


country English Cheese
Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses

Nutty, sweet and mellow, Farmhouse Sparkenhoe Red Leicester is the only Red Leicester cheese that’s still made on a farm in Leicester. Traditional production of this old English cheese had all but died out but fortunately the Leicester Hand Made Cheese Company revived it in 2005. It fully deserves being rediscovered as it is one of the great traditional English cheeses.

Made from unpasteurised cows’ milk, Red Leicester was originally coloured with carrot juice but now annatto is used to create that lovely orange glow.

What with? Red Leicester and Old English Chutney with Cider are a good team for the cheese board. Children love it melted on toast and it cooks just as well as a cheddar, so you can use it in pies and jacket potatoes, soups, sauces and pasta.

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