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French Raclette


A semi-soft cheese from the Savoie. Famously melted and scraped over potatoes and charcuterie. Made from unpasteurised cows’ milk.

Sharp, nutty and salty, French Raclette is easily spotted by its red rind. It’s pretty pungent, so you can smell it at ten paces too. Absolutely gorgeous when melted, when the warm gooey layers are scraped off and poured over pickles, boiled potatoes and cold meats. The name Raclette comes from the French ‘racler’ = to scrape.

What with? If you’re going to eat French Raclette, it has to be melted over potatoes and pickles. With a nice crisp white like Sancerre Domaine Bonnard. But be warned, this is a seriously addictive dish.

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