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Gouda with Nettle

Gouda with Nettle

country Dutch Cheese

A Dutch speciality cheese that sounds a bit scary but tastes divine. The nettles add a wonderful clean herby freshness to the sweet nutty notes of this mild smooth cheese, with touches of parsley and garlic adding another level of yumminess.

Made by the second generation Treur brothers in the heart of Dutch cheese making country, this nettle Gouda is naturally ripened underground and has a thin crust which intensifies all those fantastic flavours and gives you a wonderful long finish.

What with? Pretty much unbeatable with beer. Nettle Gouda is also lovely in a green salad where all those herby notes really sing. Also rather nice melted into a veg soup like broccoli or spinach.

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When we say ‘Just Choose Cheese’…

We also mean that you can choose things to go with cheese as an accompaniment. Choosing what to pair cheese with is as specialised as choosing your cheese itself.

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