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Gouda young


Covered in a waxy yellow rind, indicating its short maturing process, this cheese is the bees knees, if you ask most children. At only 6-8 weeks old, it tastes mild and smells fresh. Its smooth texture and light yellow colour are always appealing and the scarce small air pockets seem to just wait to be poked by a little finger.

Some records suggest that Gouda goes back to the 6th century. We know for certain that it was exported to England, France and Scandinavia as early as the 12th century.

P.S. The milder the cheese the hotter the companion. Hot Chilli Pickle or Chillililli is a good way to rediscover Gouda.

What with? There is very little that doesn’t go with young Gouda, which makes it perfect for sandwiches or snack time. Fresh cucumber, tomatoes, olives, ham – anything goes.

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