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Green Thunder


country Welsh Cheese
Snowdonia Cheese

Another award winning cheese from The Snowdonia Cheese Company, Green Thunder is a creamy, mature cheddar with garden herbs and a glorious punch of garlic. Wrapped in green wax to keep the flavour in, Green Thunder is one of a range of great cheeses from this farmers’ cooperative in the Vale of Clwyd. The cheddar is strong and tangy, the herbs are fresh and zingy and there’s enough garlic to protect you from a whole pack of vampires. It’s truly wonderful stuff.

What with? All the Snowdonia cheeses look fabulous on a cheeseboard and you’ll find Green Thunder disappears like lightning! If you do manage to save a bit, it’s tremendous melted on a burger. Our Tomato Chutney is perfect with this garlicky cheddar, just warm some baguettes and pour everyone a glass of Rinascita. Bliss.

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