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country Welsh Cheese
Abergavenny Fine Foods

Beneath the bright orange wax lies a mature creamy cheddar speckled with fresh horseradish and parsley. It’s very tangy and zesty with a nice edge of heat that really tingles on your tongue.

Harlech takes it name from the Welsh warriors of the Middle ages and is one of the deliciously different flavoured cheeses coming out of Wales. It’s an intriguing mouthful with a wonderful mellow cheddary smoothness.

What with? The horseradish in Harlech makes it the perfect partner for beef. Try it melted on a steak or in a cold roast beef sandwich with good fresh white bread. Wine: Harlech certainly needs a strong red partner like our Beronia Crianza Rioja or our Riseccoli Chianti and some plain crackers.

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