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Isle of Mull Cheddar


country Scottish Cheese
Isle of Mull Cheese

Isle of Mull cheddar doesn’t taste like any other cheddar and it doesn’t look the same either. It’s a pale ivory colour with a very sharp, fruity tang, thanks to the unusual diet of the cows that eat the fermented grain from the nearby Tobermory whisky distillery.

Made on Sgriob-ruadh farm, Isle of Mull cheddar is an artisans’ cheese made with traditional methods and unpasteurised, slightly alcoholic milk from the happiest cows in Scotland.

What with? Full bodied reds should be strong enough to stand up to your sharp, tangy slice of Isle of Mull cheddar. Our Bordeaux Chateau des Cedres is a candidate. Try it with a fruity chutney, crackers and maybe even a dram of Dalmore Single Malt.

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