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Keens Cheddar


country English Cheese
Keens Cheddar Ltd

The Keen family have been making cheddar in Wincanton since 1899 and are one of a small handful of producers allowed to call their cheese ‘West Country Farmhouse Cheddar’. This delicious one year old cheddar is sweet and strong, nutty and tangy with a very moreish creaminess. Be warned – one slice is never going to be enough!

Keens cheddar is made by hand from unpasteurised milk which gives it more depth of flavour. It’s then bound in cloth so the cheese can breathe as it matures; this also creates a natural rind that helps to keep the cheese nice and moist and utterly delicious.

What with? A PDO protected cheddar like this would do your cheeseboard proud, you just need a good strong red like our Beronia Gran Reserva. Keens Cheddar melts beautifully too and adds a real blast of flavour to everything from cauliflower cheese to cheese straws.

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