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Lanark Blue


country Scottish Cheese
Errington Cheese

Lanark Blue, Scotland’s Roquefort, is a delicious creamy salty cheese made from unpasteurised ewes’ milk in Strathclyde. The flavour changes during the year due to the change in the sheeps’ diet; in spring it’s quite mellow, but in winter Lanark Blue has a fiercer, fuller flavour.

The first blue ewes’ milk cheese made in Britain since the Middle Ages, Lanark Blue first went on sale in 1986. Today is still made by hand in the farmhouse dairy in Ogcastle.

What with? The saltiness of Lanark Blue calls for a full bodied Bordeaux or Rioja. And keeping it Scottish, you could try it with a dram of Glenfiddich too. Like Roquefort, Lanark Blue adds a real zing to sauces or you could crumble it into a walnut and endive salad.

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