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country English Cheese
Singletons Dairy Ltd

Grandma Singleton’s Lancashire cheese is the strongest Lancashire cheese in the country. Tangy, slight salty, creamy and crumbly, this is the only Lancashire cheese with PDO status which means it can only be made within 5 miles of Beacon Fell in the Forest of Bowland.

Named after Duillia Singleton who began making the cheese in 1934, this lovely Lancashire is still made by hand using the traditional method of combining the curd over three days. ‘We work by the curd and not to the clock’ says cheesemaker John Carr.

What with? A strong cheese like this needs a good quality red. As it’s quite similar to a mature Pecorino in texture, we dare to suggest you try it with our tuscan Chianti Rinascita. Lancashire cheese is great to cook with as it melts so well; it makes a sublime cheese on toast and is especially wonderful baked in an apple pie.

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