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Resembling a bright orange cushion from the outside this Balearic pale yellow hard cheese is wonderfully aromatic and partially made from the milk of Friesian cows, brought to Menorca over 200 years ago by the British and named after Menorca’s capital Mahon. A taste of roasted nuts, butter and sea makes it unusually intense for a cheese so young. (2-3months)

Traditionally drunk with Sherry in Spain, we really like it with our fresh but dense Banda Dorada Blanco.

What with? The spanish cuisine is bursting with Mahon recipes. It is delicious when simply grilled for 5-7min in the oven on sliced baguette. If you have Mahon on the cheeseboard it won’t go unnoticed, but not split people into ‘lovers’ or ‘haters’. Mahon is a cheese most children will like.

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