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country French Cheese
Cesar Losfeld

What a stunner! Also known as ‘Boule de LiIlle’, Mimolette is a chewy nutty cheese with sweet salty caramel. It was created in the 17th century in Lille as an alternative to Dutch Edam when Colbert forbade the import of foreign cheeses into France. Bright orange (coloured with annatto) it looks like a Cantaloupe melon inside.

The favorite cheese of charles de Gaulle, Mimolette is at its best ‘tres vielle’; aged for at least 18 months. It darkens in colour as it matures and becomes firm and crumbly. Our Mimolette is 2-3 years old.

What with? Very good with a glass of beer! Traditionally eaten as an appetizer, it can be grated into souffles,omelettes and soups and any dish that needs a good kick of cheese. The colour alone makes it a very rewarding and inspiring cheese to cook with.

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