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Montgomery Cheddar


country English Cheese
J A & E Montgomery

A cheddar made by one of the Championship Cheesemakers of the World is always going to pretty special. Montgomery’s Cheddar is one of the great English cheeses, with wonderfully complex rich, nutty and mellow flavours. It’s made to completely traditional methods from unpasteurised milk and aged in muslin cloths.

A deliciously old fashioned cheese with a wonderful crumbliness, Montgomery’s Cheddar has won a string of awards and a huge number of fans.

What with? Absolutely fantastic in a thick crusty sandwich or grated in a omelette or over a shepherd’s pie. Or just enjoy this famous cheddar on its own with a juicy pear or apple. Our aromatic Cote du Rhone Mazets de Saint-Victor would be a worthy companion.

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