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country French Cheese
Alsace Lorraine

A cheese with its own museum (La Maison du Munster) is definitely one worth getting to know. Smooth, strong, sweet and spicy, Munster dates back to 7th century Alsace and was made by Benedictine monks who weren’t allowed to eat meat and so wanted something tasty to compensate. (Munster = monastery). It’s matured in caves and washed and brushed in brine which gives it is orange colour.

What with? All that spiciness needs something sweet like a handful of grapes and maybe a hearty Poachers Pickle. A cheese from the edge of Germany naturally calls for a beer or a glass of Gewürztraminer. In Alsace they eat Munster baked with potatoes and cumin seeds in a dish known as Bibelasskäss.

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