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Pecorino Romano


country Italian Cheese

Over 2000 years ago this hard cheese was already on the go. Literally. It was part of the rations for Roman soldiers as it travelled and kept well and was an excellent source of protein, calcium, fat and salt. Salty it certainly is and very crumbly at a year old – hence not much of a cheese board cheese, but certainly outstanding in the kitchen as Pecorino Romano doesn’t go stringy when melted. And it is literally made for grating.

P.S. An incredible 90% of the exported Pecorino Romano is being consumed in the United States.

What with? Pizzas, Pestos, Risottos, sprinkled over any pasta dish or in the famous four cheeses sauce – there is always a need for Pecorino Romano in the kitchen. Alternate with Parmigiano-Reggiano, if less saltiness is required or even mix the two! A nice red along side would be the Chianti Riseccoli or Rinascita from Tuscany.

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