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Perl Wen


country Welsh Cheese
Caws Cenarth

A glorious combination of creamy Brie and lemony Caerphilly, Perl Wen is an organic artisan cheese delight. Buttery, mushroomy salty cream melts into a tangy citrus centre, all wrapped up in a baby soft downy rind. One mouthful of this fantastic cheese is enough to make you melt too.

Perl Wen is hand made by Caws Cenarth to a Caerphilly recipe but then matured like a Brie to give it it’s uniquely delicious texture and taste. As it ages the flavours deepen, with a richer cream caressing that lovely lemony centre.

What with? Absolutely gorgeous baked and scoffed with warm baguettes, a huge splodge of carmelised onion chutney and a glass of nicely chilled Sancerre.

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