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Pickle Power


country Welsh Cheese
Snowdonia Cheese

Pickle Power is a terrific combination of two things that were absolutely made for each other; good strong cheddar and tangy pickled onions. It’s very powerful, very tasty and will knock your socks off.

Pickle Power is made by the Snowdonia Cheese Company along with other inspired cheeses like Green Thunder, Ginger Spice and Black Bomber. This farmers’ cooperative is dedicated to reviving the art of quality local food and, not surprisingly, can find it hard to keep up with demand.

What with? Pickle Power will liven up an after dinner cheeseboard and probably the evening too. It’s tremendous on Rye Wafers with a glass of Taylors Port. Pickle Power is also glorious between two slices of thick crusty bread with lettuce, a dollop of Farmhouse Pickle and a pint of beer on the side.

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