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Pont l'Évêque


country French Cheese
Fromagerie E.Graindorge

Created by 13th century monks and celebrated in the epic love poem ‘Roman de la Rose’, Pont l’Évêque is a soft, creamy cheese with subtle hints of salt and a sweet fruity tang. Its famous farmyard aroma, however, might be more of an acquired taste.

Made en carré (in a square) from cows’ milk in the Calvados region of Normandy, this smooth cheese is washed in brine as it matures within 5-6 weeks, which creates its distinctive golden rind.

What with? The French often have it with a glass of Normandy cider and it’s also brilliant with apples, pears and figs and even melted in baked potatoes – simple but seriously yummy. The medieval poet Guillame de Lorris recommended that Pont l’Évêque be enjoyed at the end of a meal with a good red table wine. After all this time the man is still right!

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