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Reblochon hails from Haute Savoie in the Alps. This supple creamy cheese has a delicate velvety nutty taste.  The name comes from ‘reblocher’ – to pinch the cow’s udder twice.  Way back when medieval lords taxed milk, farmers under milked their cows until the yield was measured. They then milked again. This tax-free milk was richer and creamier; perfect for cheese.

What with? Reblochon is the essential ingredient in
tartiflette; an après ski dish made from sliced potatoes, onion, lardons and a
whole Reblochon which melts into a glorious goo. Reblochon is also great with
bread and cornichons. A glass or two of white wine? It’s not french,but the roundness and natural fizz of our Banda Dorada from Spain is a cofident suggestion.

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