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Reblochon hails from Haute Savoie in the Alps. It has been produced since the Fourteenth Century. This supple creamy cheese, ripened and regularly brushed in brine for two weeks, has a delicate velvety nutty taste.  The name comes from ‘reblocher’ – to pinch the cow’s udder twice. Way back when medieval lords taxed milk, farmers under-milked their cows until the yield was measured. They then milked again. This tax-free milk was richer and creamier. Only the milk of three breeds of cattle is used that are fed solely on fresh grass even in winter, guaranteeing its unique taste.

What with? Reblochon is the essential ingredient in
tartiflette; an après ski dish made from sliced potatoes, onion, lardons and a
whole Reblochon which melts into a glorious goo. Reblochon is also great with
bread and cornichons. A glass or two of white wine? It’s not french,but the roundness and natural fizz of our Banda Dorada from Spain is a cofident suggestion.

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