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country French Cheese

Charlemagne’s favourite cheese, Roquefort is crumbly and semi-soft, with a delicious balance of sweet, smoky and salty flavours. It’s mild and creamy, very moreish and never hangs about the cheese board for long.

Roquefort is made exclusively from the milk of red Lacaune ewes and ripens in the limestone caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. Pencillium Roquefort culture creates the famous blue green veins. Look out for the red sheep on the label if you want to be sure your Roquefort is genuine. Ours most definitely are.

What with? You can serve it with grapes, walnuts and crusty baguettes and it adds a lovely depth of flavour to salad dressings, pasta dishes and quiches. Crumble it into a mix of chicory leaves, walnuts and sliced pear for the classic Roquefort Salad. A glass of Port or Sauternes would be the ideal drink.

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