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Saint Nectaire


Milky, nutty, grassy and earthy, St Nectaire was a favourite of the sun king Louis XIV. Made from unpasteurised milk from cows that graze on the fertile volcanic pastures of the Auvergne, it’s a real mouthful of flavour.

A semi soft cheese with a white, yellow and orange rind that smells of straw and mushroom, St Nectaire should have a green label that shows it is a fermier or farm made cheese.

What with? In France they melt it over potato slices fried in duck fat and topped with crème fraîche in a dish called Truffade – delicious, but you may not be able to move for a while afterwards. Louis XIV would have no doubt gone straight for our Bordeaux Chateau Cissac. Equally our Chateau Leon or Beronia Gran Reserva will be ideal for this lovely cheese.

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