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Sainte Maure Bûche Fermier


country French Cheese

A goat’s milk cheese produced in the Touraine, Sainte Maure is rolled in wood ash which develops into a bluey grey rind. When it’s young it has a lemony salty taste with a moist, grainy texture, when it’s older it’s nuttier and has that aromatic, grassy taste that’s straight out of the green pastures of the Loire.

Look out for the long straw inside your Sainte Maure, this was traditionally used to give the cheese something to form around and shows the cheese was made by an artisan.

What with? Sainte Maure needs little else but some crackers plus a glass of white wine. Both, Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé are neighbours from the Loire Valley and traditonally paired with Goat’s cheese. Like all goats’ cheese Sainte Maure is seriously good in a green salad, especially if you pour a little Acacia Honey over it.

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