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Shropshire Blue


country English Cheese
Cropwell Bishop Creamery

Shropshire Blue was actually first created in Scotland. It’s been described as cross between Stilton and Cheshire and is a lovely creamy mild cheese with a sharp, spicy tang and a touch of sweet caramel. It looks as good as it tastes too, with the veins of blue making a stunning contrast against the golden orange.

Shropshire Blue is also known as orange Stilton, which is quite fitting as it is made by the Stilton makers. The taste is milder, but it has the same moreish creaminess.

What with? As you’d expect, Shropshire Blue gets on famously with Taylor’s Port, some walnuts and maybe even some figs. It’s excellent melted into soups, sauces and pasta and would be pretty good crumbled into a salad too.

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