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Single Gloucester


country English Cheese
Charles Martell & Sons

A light, creamy white cheese. Milder than Double Gloucester and lower in fat.

Single Gloucester dates back to at least Tudor times. Today it has PDO status and can only be made in Gloucestershire from the milk of Old Gloucester cows. Unlike its sister cheese Double Gloucester, Single Gloucester is white with a bloomy rind. A hard cheese with a flaky texture, it has a subtle creamy, slightly acidic taste with a touch of fresh grass.

Single Gloucester is made with skimmed milk as well as whole milk, which gives it a lighter flavour than Double Gloucester. For many years it was only available in the county of Gloucester, today, fortunately, we can deliver it right to your door.

What with? Single Gloucester is wonderful melted on toast with a generous splash of Worcester sauce. Or just cut yourself a nice big wedge and enjoy with Cheese board Chutney and a glass of Rinascita.

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