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Somerset Brie


country English Cheese
The Lubborn Creamery

A soft white creamy cheese with a mild flavour and velvety rind.

Somerset Brie is every bit as yummy as its French counterpart, but has a fresher, creamier taste. Created in the lush green Somerset hills, this very rich cheese grows softer as it ripens and develops a greater depth of flavour. Made by traditional methods, Somerset Brie has a lovely soft bloomy velvet rind that’s every bit as delicious as the paste. You can eat every single last morsel of this wonderful cheese and may even end up licking the plate.

What with? Somerset Brie is fantastic with a good glass of crisp fruity Domaine Bonnard Sancerre and our Date and Hazelnut Toast for Cheese. If you can spare any for cooking, it’s pure heaven melted on roasted red peppers and aubergines.

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