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Stinking Bishop


country English Cheese
Charles Martell & Sons

Probably the smelliest British cheese, Stinking Bishop is also one of the yummiest. This soft cheese was first made in 1972 by Charles Martell using milk from the rare Gloucester cattle. Rich, mild and creamy, with a meaty, sweet, buttery flavour, it is washed in perry cider during ripening which gives it its lovely sweetness and rather less than lovely smell!

Stinking Bishop gets its name from the variety of pear used to make the perry and is said to have its origins in a cheese made by Cistercian monks. Famously it was used to revive Wallace from the dead in the Wallace and Gromit film ‘The Curse of the Were Rabbit’€™.

What with? Stinking Bishop is obviously made to be enjoyed with a juicy pear. It likes a full bodied red (like our oaky plummy Rioja Beronia Crianza) and would be perfect spread thickly on a slice of fruit and nut toast from our must-try Toast for Cheese range. Yum.

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